Optimized & IOT-ready SolutionS

For all your automation needs

We build products that cater to the individual that wants to control their house with minimal effort. From LED lighting controllers to pool pump timers and geyser management systems.

.We offer a wide veriaty of SmartHome devices that integrate into a centrally managed application. Our devices also works with popular IOT solutions like HomeAssistant and OpenHab vai MQTT

Point of sale


Point of sale for the craftmarket

CraftPos is a Point of sale system with a difference. Targeting craft markets, CraftPos provides a user friendly way for craft markets to manage, barcode, sell and report on crafter’s products. 


Generate reports on: 

  • Market Sales 
  • Market Profit 
  • Crafter Sales 
  • Till sales 
  • Break up reports by payment type 
  • Reprint receipts of returns / sales 

Powerfull management

  • Manage Crafters 

  • Manage Crafter stock items 

  • Design Labels 

  • Print Labels 

  • Manage Point of sales (Sales and Returns) 

  • Print receipts 

Web reporting

A Web-hosted database solution of your sales is available. This allows crafters to log in and view their sales, updated every minute to every hour

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