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The SmartTimer solution is a highly advanced timing and thermal control solution. 

  • Extremely accurate time keeping by using a high quality DS3231 real time clock. 
  • Internet time synchronisation to ensure accurate time. 

  • WiFi connectivity for ease of access 
  • Web control. The system is easily controlled via a website running on the device. 

  • 30A / 250VAC relays for high power applications like geysers or pool pumps. 

  • 20 programable timer settings.

  • Each timer can be set with a desired target temperature (optional) 

  • Away / Holiday mode. Skip all timers during the period you set when you are away. 

  • E-mail alerts when issues are encountered such as loose wiring (optionally enabled) 

  • Works with digital temperature probes based on DS18B20 or slightly less accurate analog 10K NTC thermistors. 

  • Overheat protection. 

  • Probe break detection. 

SmartTimer can be used as a control solution for various applications. Some uses include: 

  • Geyser management 

  • Pool pump management 

  • Lighting controller 

  • General purpose timer or switch 


CraftPos is a Point of sale system with a difference. Targeting craft markets, CraftPos provides a user friendly way for craft markets to manage, barcode, sell and report on crafter’s products. 

  • Manage Crafters 

  • Manage Crafter stock items 

  • Design Labels 

  • Print Labels 

  • Manage Point of sales (Sales and Returns) 

  • Print receipts 

  • Generate reports on: 
    • Market Sales 
    • Market Profit 
    • Crafter Sales 
    • Till sales 
    • Break up reports by payment type 
    • Reprint receipts of returns / sales 

  • Data synchronization to remote Microsoft SQL Server database for hosted websites. 

  • Web-hosting for crafters to log in and review sales, updated every minute to every hour.

Custom Solutions

If you require special micro electronics hardware, firmware or software solutions to suit your needs, look no further. We can design, fabricate and develop solutions tailored to your requirements. 

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